In 1973 Jos van Himbergen published his book "Vogels die vragen, worden overgeslagen". The book explains the needs of birds kept in aviculture. Nowadays this book is still used as a useful source of information by many birdfanciers.


Because of the increasing interest in the birdhobby in the seventies and eighties and the challenge to breed with other birdspecies (than canaries, budgies etc) also the demand for

a qualitative good basic food increased. Years of research in practice have resulted eventually that since1984 the Himbergen seedmixtures are available in the petshops in Holland and Belgium. 


The Himbergen® Seedmixtures have a constant quality, are well cleaned and are never mixed in order to get a cheaper price. The bird's need for food is the main objective.


If you want to achieve good breeding results, than a constant and qualitative good food is very important. At this time many birdfanciers are convinced of this and use the Himbergen® seedmixture to their satisfaction since 1984.